New 300 Ton Deep Drawing Press

An exciting launch for Broekhuizen Metal Pressings (Pty) Ltd is our new 300 Ton 4-Column Hydraulic Press which will be arriving in February 2011. It was produced by the largest manufacturing company in China of Hydraulic and Power presses and took 10 weeks to manufacture. The YQ27 315 series was specially built in China according to Derick Broekhuizen's (MD) strict specifications in meeting our production targets. Important advantages of the YQ27 315 is it's pressing speed, capacity and large cushion. Each machine gets tested by running for 72 hours continuously before shipment.

This Hydraulic press has been specially designed for pressing and deep drawing of metal products, with an 820 x 670mm cushion and with a multi knockout pin design.

The table has an effective size of 1260 x 1160mm which makes it suitable for a wide range of products from small to big, adding to the flexibility of the YQ27 in a production environment. The ram has an 800mm stroke and overall table opening size of 1250mm.

All the functions are controlled by Mitsubishi PLC ensuring accurate switching of hydraulic valves eliminating possible failure of relays. The stroke is controlled by solid state proximity switches which add to reliability of the YQ27 Hydraulic press.

The structure is 4800mm above the floor and weighs 18 tons without 1600 litres of hydraulic oil. This includes an increased knockout stroke of 350mm, a custom knockout hole to accommodate existing knockout tooling and increase pressing speed of 12 mm/sec to 25mm/sec, which required redesigning the hydraulic circuit and adding an additional 22kW hydraulic pump and motor.

The standard approach speed of 200mm/sec and 120mm/sec return was kept standard. Overall, the YQ27 Hydraulic press will increase our production to a new level in meeting our targets, ensuring customer satisfaction and service excellence.