Broekhuizen Lasercut (Pty) Ltd takes a progressive step forward offering clients a complete engineering service solution

New laser cutting machine offers alternative metalworking services with the installation of a 3.2kW Trumpf TruLaser 3030 Lean Edition.

Which comes first-the purchase orders or the equipment investment? It's not quite the-chicken-or-the-egg question, but it's an interesting debate in the world of metal fabricating.

Derick Broekhuizen, owner and managing director of Broekhuizen Metal Pressings (Pty) Ltd has asked that question at several critical times since the company's founding. However In 2009 Broekhuizen started searching for new ways to obtain additional business.

"At Broekhuizen we pride ourselves in constantly being innovative and setting new standards within the industry" said Broekhuizen.

"I had been told from time to time of the many advantages laser cutting offers, but I had never looked into it" said Broekhuizen. "I then started researching for the latest technology that would give my company a cutting edge. It led me to laser cutting."


Laser technology assures speed, accuracy and high repeatability, all with no tooling and minimum setup time, allowing for intricate cutting and close nesting of parts. By incorporating this technology we are able to maximize both throughput and yield, efficiently handling contract jobbing and specialist steel cutting requirements" explained Broekhuizen.

Derick Broekhuizen

"The importing of the 3.2kW Trumpf TruLaser needed much planning. Selecting the right machine for my business and our customers' needs was not a simple task. In the end I selected the Trumpf TruLaser 3030 and in October last year I ordered the machine."

"Broekhuizen Lasercut (Pty) Ltd started operating on the 1st of May this year. A carefully selected date, so that we could be sure of being up and running to fulfil the needs of our customers as soon as we opened. With the addition of the laser we have now expanded our range of metalworking services to become one of the biggest and best metalworking companies offering metal pressing, CNC machining and laser cutting all under one roof."

"The machine's structure was built in Garsch, Switzerland and its electronics were developed at Trumpf in Stuttgart, Germany. It takes about 12 weeks to manufacture and is only done on request. The 3.2kW TruLaser 3030 Lean Edition, valued at over R4 million, cuts mild steel up to 20 mm, stainless steel up to 12 mm and aluminium alloy up to 8 mm."

"We chose a CO2 laser because of its reliability and durability as a beam source. It is owing to this that CO2 lasers have earned a permanent place in materials processing. The wavelength of a CO2 laser beam is 10.6 micrometers, putting it in the far-infrared spectrum."

"The most important advantage of the Trumpf TruLaser is that of time as modifications can be made instantly by means of a prototype on the machine's computer. Measuring systems ensure complete dimensional checks against drawings which are made for each component. Batch inspections are also monitored through the system."

"Another advantage is that there is no limit on the cutting area as the laser can move in any direction. This in turn means that complex designs can be carried out easily and effectively, cutting material costs and production time. Our 3000 mm x 1500 mm cutting bed is ideal for either short or continuous profiling."

"The operating speed of the machine is determined by the laser strength, type and thickness of material and process being carried out. The type of material used also determines what happens to the work piece itself. The laser does not mechanically stress the work piece, so therefore laser beams don't wear like other tools."

"Laser cutting produces delicate, clean cut contours and structures with high precision and speed. The art of the laser process is better than that of conventional methods."

Broekhuizen Lasercut (Pty) Ltd, an associate company of Broekhuizen Metal Pressings (Pty) Ltd, is a specialised job shop providing precision laser cutting of various metals for customers in the field of machine building, fabrication, architectural, general engineering, automotive, decorative, signage and shop fitting.

For more information contact Broekhuizen Lasercut (Pty) Ltd on TEL: 021 946 4118 or visit the website